About Me

I love the silence of Music, I love its pace and sway, I love how it draws me in to its ocean and sends waves down my fragile cheeks, as it speaks, high and low, with presence in its flow. I love it most when it sends secret gifts from the outskirts of the Universe, to me, and then to you. 

I am VeeDeshNee – a Singer and a Songwriter, a person of people, a traveller and a body of love. I found my passion a long time ago when I was a little girl, writing poetry and making melodies, but then I was told that I couldn’t pursue it professionally because of so many reasons I couldn’t understand –  I moved on, did other things, tried other things but everything still lead me back to Music. I still kept writing melodic stories and dreaming of singing some place amazing. When I could afford it, I started to take up music lessons, started to get more into professional singing and writing, doing open mics, trying my best to get into circles that could help me. I never left it and the truth is, Music never left me.

Gosh what a struggle, but here I am today, swimming in notes and melodies and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. The weirdness of it all is that my dreams keep unfolding better then I can ever imagine and when I think I know, I actually don’t know at all. 

Its all about focus, dedication to your beliefs, patience and respect I think. Then theres the part of being open to receiving, I like this part a lot:) Lastly but not finally the idea of creating your own destiny, making waves, putting things in motion, if you can think it then it is possible, no doubt, and it all starts coming together better then the plan you had. Thats how I got to travel, blog, write books and collaborate.

Well, thats me, thats the short story of my music life. It’s still not as easy as I make it sound but it sure is FUN!

Thank you for visiting my site at this point in my journey. Theres so much happening right now, so much of newness and growth and things I’ve never done. Come visit again and I will have more stories to share.

Peace & Freedom to you!


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